ClickDesigns Review: Is It The Best Design Tool?

A successful business starts with good graphics, as the graphics will be the creative force that will make you stand out from your competition. You'll need graphics and design even if you're running a small business. Graphics are what will drive your business forward: sales are the fuel they burn on.

Graphics are costly, costing approximately $97 for each design. Graphic designers know that users are making money and aware that they can charge as much as possible. Meet ClickDesigns, the only place to visit worldwide for all your websites, blogs, sales funnels, and site builders. Thanks to ClickDesigns, you can now design your business for success, attracting endless customers, clients, and sales!

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What Is ClickDesigns?

Clickdesigns, along with it's composed of numerous, high-quality, editable templates that you can take and use with your graphics necessities, is the ultimate resolution for all your business graphic requirements. Whatever industry you are in, there are templates specially made to complement your visual marketing needs.

Just drag-and-drop what you need, how you have it, and where you want for your perfectly illustrated graphics. Especially, with your Pro Commercial License, you can create and sell an unlimited number of attention-grabbing designs for your customers, clients, and companies at any time.

Features & Benefits

  • Point & Click, Drag & Drop Editor: The user interface is easy and efficient to use. Just point to what you would like, click, drag and drop, and you're done.
  • Zero Learning Curve: No prior creative graphic design skills or technical coding experience required. Using ClickDesigns is fun with zero learning curve.
  • 28 Industry-Specific Templates: The provided templates accommodate your niche in all 28 categories. With those included, you can create any image that you would like for a given niche.
  • Blank ‘Multi-Purpose’ Canvas: Allows you to start from a blank canvas or use the fully customizable templates inside the dashboard.
  • Multi-Angle Layout Views: There are different varieties of customers in virtually every market, which is why you have options for what kind of clientele you would like to attract and many ways to achieve that goal.
  • Combine Existing Designs: Combine existing designs with NEW designs inside the design editor. Which means you don’t need to logout of the editor and can access ALL your designs while you’re designing. Super time saving!
  • Works With Many Platforms:I use GroovePages to create a funnel and WordPress as a blogging platform. ClickDesigns integrates with both platforms!
  • Increases Sales Conversion: Imagine having custom graphics and designs for EVERY part of your sales copy? You can make personalised images for headlines, arrows, icons, emojis, buttons, custom backgrounds, bonus stacks, pricing tables, testimonials, online course bundle mockups, illustrations and so much more!
  • Built by Marketers for Marketers: If you need any special designs for your sales page or affiliate link promotions, it's available in ClickDesigns for you never get bored with long boring pages with chunks of text. Increase your conversions by using sales grabbing images.
  • High-Resolution Downloads: Download your designs in high resolution PNG, JPG, WEBP, SVG and PDF file formats. Get pixel perfect images.
  • FREE Commercial License: If you work as a freelance artist, you can sell designs to people all over the world. Keep 100 percent of your earnings!
  • Huge Time Saver: Launch your products overnight instead of waiting weeks or months for designers to get back to you. Not to mention waiting even more time for edits and changes if you happen to not like the first initial designs.
  • Save a Tonne of Money: Visuals are critical. As soon as you commence trying to sell your products, you have to hire graphic designers for an upfront cost of up to several hundred dollars!

How Does It Work?

ClickDesigns represents itself as a system for making appealing and graphic-oriented marketing and sales material. Having tested other competitors, I was looking for a similar alternative, but with a wider focus on the creations of marketing materials and advertising tools specifically. I've been using ClickDesigns for about one month, and I am addicted to it!

Here’s How ClickDesigns Works:

  • Start from scratch or use the templates
  • Customize
  • Publish

Who Is It For?

  • Digital Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Video Creators
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Online Course Creators
  • Authors & Publishers
  • Software Creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • eCommerce Owners

And here's the part that's even more exciting. For freelancers or seeking another form of income, ClickDesigns provides the opportunity. ClickDesigns is usable by beginners and requires no technical or creative skills.


  • Easy to use.
  • WYSIWYG editor is user- and newbie-friendly.
  • Has a wide array of templates that are easily customizable.
  • You can create your own template and use it on different designs.
  • Design outputs are ready for publishing on blogs. No additional step needed.
  • The highly compelling sales funnel graphics like badges, buttons, and more.


  • It would have been better if there were pre-determined canvas sizes for different designs.
  • You need to upgrade to at least one OTO to get access to more templates.


  • ClickDesigns Personal: $99.00
  • ClickDesigns Commercial: $47

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Graphic design goes much farther than creating aesthetically pleasing brochures and business cards. It can drastically enhance your written message and enhance the readability of your website and digital marketing campaigns.

At the end of the day, your goal is to inform, engage, and convert with useful words. But graphics make it possible. Specifically, they ensure a striking look that goes unrivaled by the competition.

But the biggest obstacle to graphic design is obtaining a designer, which is why graphic design software is now a seller's must-have. ClickDesigns is guilty of the marketing hype it's generating, aka, it's worth all the fame.

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