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Looking to perfect your kissing technique? Look no further than the Tao masters! The Tao of Kissing provides a step-by-step guide to making your kisses more intimate and exciting. Learn how to use the right pressure, angle, and speed to create the most delicious lip-lock ever. Whether you're a first timer or an experienced lover, this book has tips that will help you get the most out of your next kiss.


You are going to find out several essential techniques to successfully get a girl to kiss you without having any concerns. In the advanced variation of this strategy, you can even make the girl you're talking to lean in to kiss you!

So, if you ever had been anxious about being turned down or you received a "taste," you understand why having a clear understanding of the kind of motion within which to propose for a kiss is very important.

Going in for the kiss is probably the worse scenario to confront in a romance interaction with a girl:

1) If you have any especially difficult requirements or questions, it just takes too long for our back-and-forth interaction to reach a conclusion for you. There simply isn't enough time in your night to keep up.

2) Screwing up this part of the interaction can ruin all chances of moving on from here to seduction.

Most men don't have the luxury of figuring out how to kiss well because of their infrequent opportunities to do so.

Most guys will get off on a good night to only one woman who they find charming at an event venue, where the possibility of a hookup there may be substantial.

Because of learning to withstand entering countless refusals, you'll have to learn strategies pertaining to kissing to effectively go in the direction of someone.

But luckily, I have already gone through all the failures for you (until I finally uncovered this key technique), and could provide the best way to bypass failure and shortcut right to success.

Good? Kiss Technique makes it so that when you're speaking with a woman, you can purposefully give off subconscious cues that will make her think of kissing you. Pretty powerful stuff.

If you employ this technique on the spur of the moment, suddenly being kissed by a woman you'll have the ability to make happen will be something you can control. If you decide to "wing it" in the heavy of the moment, however, you will run into challenges...

It's challenging to know how to physically respond to kissing you before you fellowship. To best play it safe, stick to the conventional adage that you don't kiss unless you feel the impulse.

Her anxiety contributes to your own by lowering your chances of success. This is because she begins to commit all sorts of warning signs and reservations.

When you attempt to lean in for the kiss and don't get it on the correct time, you may seem needy (like you do not have a lot of choices with women) because if you had lots of choices, you wouldn't be stressing about the kiss with this girl.

So how do you prove that not needing something is absolutely not unappealing to you even if maybe you sort of feel like you need it? That way, you'll feel confident ahead of your date that she will kiss you and you will not have to worry about being rejected.

We use what's known as the Kiss Technique. It involves gathering two psychological concepts and mixing them into a practical recipe for mastering the kiss. The first concept is called triangular gazing.

This will happen while you are soliciting investment and are curious about this individual's financial resources. It involves taking a look at one particular line of sight, then glancing her eye.

When you start looking at her mouth, you will subconsciously start to think about kissing her, because this action is already anchored to the thought of kissing someone.

When you start looking at her mouth, your mind will begin to automatically generate the thought of kissing her, because the act of kissing someone already anchors itself in your head.

The good news is...the same happens for women.

The greater good news is you can influence her to act in such a manner unconsciously, which will promote further intimacy. How do you do that? By utilizing the second half of the formula: another psychological concept known as Cohesiveness.

When we are in conversation with someone, we will replace the talker in an attempt to build subconscious rapport with them. Whether you use triangular gazing and mirroring in tandem, you will build a combination that derives a feeling of fascination from the person she is speaking to.

Using a neutral tone of voice, starting to describe Regisseur only after speaking to her carefully, start by looking into her own mouth. For just 2 seconds, then go back to the eyes and then her mouth. Go back and forth between her left and right eye. Then, for a short moment, follow through to her mouth.

Continue to move eyes from left to right and back to her mouth for 2 seconds, 3 seconds, then 5 seconds. Eventually, you want to be mostly looking at her mouth. When she tries to look into your own face as well, you know for a fact that she is ready to kiss you.

Voila! The Kiss Technique takes all the guess work out of "making a move". You will now know and think with certainty when she wants to kiss you. She will love the certain and extroverted way you treat a woman, so she will feel safe and secure with you.

It now needs to be noted that, if you want to take this method to the next level and make it so girls will lean toward you and essentially begging you to kiss them, all it takes is one magical greeting.

Learn all about the Kiss Technique, and the idiosyncratic, absurd sentence that activates her "sexual triggers" and makes her lean and practically beg you for the kiss.

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In Conclusion

The Tao Kissing Technique is a unique and effective way to kiss a woman. It can help you create a deeper connection with her, and make her feel more desired and loved. If you want to learn this technique, be sure to check out the Tao of Badass program.

It is a simple, but effective way to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. If you want to learn more about the Kiss Technique, or purchase the Tao! Reviews DVD, visit the creators' website today.