Singorama Reviews: Good or Bad?

Singorama's course outline is great for anyone wanting to improve their singing voices. With its well-organized lessons and a great deal of extra software, the selling price is very reasonable. The course can also be downloaded for offline use, making it so readily available. Finding student reactions can be challenging. Only a few connections can be found locally.

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What Is Singorama?

Singorama was developed by Melanie Alexander. It comes with 28 audio lessons, exercises, new songs, and a workbook in PDF format that utilizes rehearsal recording software to help you apply what you learned to the new songs. The primary focus of it's on educating you on the technical and artistic aspects of singing so that you can stand out from the crowd.

The Course Creator

Melanie Alexander is who created Singorama. The autobiography of Melanie Alexander, the program's creator, provides valuable insight into the program. Melanie Alexander is an Australian singer and songwriter vocal coach, and television personality. She created Singorama after years of being a performer in the industry and solving common problems she encountered.

In the 1990s, I was lucky enough to be part of a popular band called Girlfriend. Despite success, I often speak about my struggles to get my voice, where I wished it to be, when I was young. I understand that everybody can be a singer if they let themselves put the effort in.

Melanie studied what works for her, using her four hitHits including "Take It from Me" in Girlfriend, Melaine Alexander found her voice and knows how best to deliver her messages. She now shares her experience with the tools that helped her press forward and succeed.

What Does the Program Consist Of?

In this Singorama review, we'll examine whether the program provides everything customers want. It comes with twenty-eight different audio lessons on every possible aspect of singing, including style, technique, and specific techniques.

  • Part 1: Getting Started As a Singer

In the first audio lesson, we'll explore your own self and find your voice. We're going to teach you proper posture and provide breathing exercises. This lesson will focus on the basics of singing and will take you through more than 120 exercises that can help you learn the proper technique.

  • Part 2: Vocal Technique

You will learn about how to use different sounds, expressions, and key words in your singing. It will also cover habits advise you against doing and instead help you improve your vocal range.

  • Part 3: Music Theory Essentials

Singorama has the necessary musical lessons to guide you through the inner workings of the voice.

  • Part 4: Singing Styles

In this part of the lesson, you start exploring and experimenting with various techniques. It is assumed that you eventually start trying out singing in each of the various musical genres you find comfortable.

  • Part 5: Dissecting a Song

You can increase your artistic talent with the song lessons of Singorama. This class will teach you to compose music as well.

  • Part 6: Moving You Forward As a Singer

The last part of the lesson covers important and relevant topics you will need as a singer. It also includes a few last technical tricks to help you take what you've learned further.

What Makes The Singorama Unique?

The numerous lessons and practical exercises in the Singorama series and its further-flung version, Singorama, are the advantage of the program above many simple singing courses. The exercises help the students apply what they learned and test it out for themselves.

Singorama has a few other singing software programs in addition to its karaoke full-featured package. These are user-friendly and can help practice, record, and create songs.


  • Training platform is simple and easy-to-use.
  • Audio lessons and training are of highest-quality mp3 recordings. Easy to listen to.
  • Most comprehensive and extensive instructions.
  • Covers every important aspects of singing from basic training to performing on stage.
  • Very extensive bonus modules with softwares, tools, and ebooks.
  • Great for beginners and intermediate level singers.
  • Designed by a real professional singer Melanie Alexander.
  • Very, Very affordable price with 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Poor design for the training site.
  • Vocal exercises and training are geared more towards female students.
  • The connection between the Audio Lessons (Getting Started) and Vocal Exercises are weak.
  • Vocal exercises do not cover a big enough range to challenge the students.
  • Instructions could be too basic and easy for advanced students.


Singorama is a very reasonably priced singing training course program with an excellent reputation for itself. The price is $97, which was at one time quite inexpensive. As of today, it is hard to comprehend why they lowered it to $67. They have an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee policy, and that's hematoma on their professional angle. You should take advantage of this offer as soon as it goes up.

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Singorama is a vocal training program with largely comprehensive contents. It's ideal for aspiring entertainers eager for a prominent stage presence. One point of this course will probably be its weakness, which is its greatest strength. If you're an advanced singer seeking to advance your skills in a particular field, this curriculum is not for you.

In a nutshell, if you're just starting out or have previous singing experience, this singing course is the proper choice for you. The complete instructions are clearly and deliberately composed; the audio mp3 files are of the highest quality. Really easy to listen to.

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