What Happens When the Liver is Damaged?

The liver, which resembles a football, is the organ found slightly to the right of your rib cage on the right-hand side of your stomach. The liver is essential for digesting food and ridding your body of harmful substances. Liver disease is oftentimes genetic.



The liver is a large, flat organ located on the right side of the abdomen. It processes food and toxins and helps to maintain blood sugar levels. The liver also filters blood and helps to produce bile. The liver can become diseased in many ways, but most commonly it is caused by hepatitis viruses, alcohol abuse, cancer, or autoimmune disorders. If the liver is damaged it can no longer function properly and will require surgery or medical treatment to restore health.

What Are The 5 Functions Of The Liver?

The five major functions of the liver include:

  • Filtration.
  • Digestion.
  • Metabolism And Detoxification.
  • Protein Synthesis.
  • Storage Of Vitamins And Minerals.

Can You Survive Without A Liver?

No. Your liver is so important to you that you cannot live without it, but you cannot live with only one portion of your liver.

What Foods Will Damage Your Liver?

Worst foods for your liver:

  1. Alcohol. Alcohol-related liver disease is due to years of drinking too much alcohol.
  2. Fried foods. Fried foods, like chicken fingers and French fries, are high in saturated fat.
  3. Processed meats.
  4. Soda.

There are many different causes of liver disease and conditions. Some, such as hepatitis, are caused by infection. Others can be the consequence of drugs and alcohol or a chronic liver injury. Prolonged damage to or liver damage in the liver can cause cirrhosis. Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, can be a symptom of liver disease.

Liver diseases can be caused by a variety of factors, including viruses, alcohol, and other toxins. Some liver diseases are congenital, meaning you are born with them. Others develop as you age. Symptoms of liver disease vary depending on the type of disease you have. But common symptoms include jaundice, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. If you think you might have a liver disease, see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Liver Disease?

There are many kinds of liver diseases:

  • Diseases caused by viruses, such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.
  • Diseases caused by drugs, poisons, or too much alcohol. Examples include fatty liver disease and cirrhosis.
  • Liver cancer.
  • Inherited diseases, such as hemochromatosis and Wilson disease.

How To Reboot Your Liver For Better Health

Here are 13 tried and true ways to achieve liver wellness!

  1. Maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Eat a balanced diet.
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Avoid toxins.
  5. Use alcohol responsibly.
  6. Avoid the use of illicit drugs.
  7. Avoid contaminated needles.
  8. Get medical care if you're exposed to blood.

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